Best books to learn LaTeX

2011 Dec 23

Here are the best books to learn \(\LaTeX\). (See this list in Best Books!)

1. The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX2e

Tobias Oetiker et al. » The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX2e (pdf)

More than enough to get you started. Included in most LaTeX distributions.

2. Guide to LaTeX

Helmut Kopka » Guide to LaTeX

Mostly intended for beginners but actually more appropriate for heavy LaTeX users. It covers all the basics and then goes on to more advanced subjects like drawing and advanced customizations. Lots of examples, very good explanations.

3. More Math Into LaTeX

George Grätzer » More Math Into LaTeX

Great book with an exceptional introduction for beginners which is even available online: Short Course.

4. The TeXbook

Donald Knuth » The TeXbook

This is about TeX but it’s a great book. Covers from small things to internals of TeX and typography. Definitely worth reading.

Other books

Also excellent books: LaTeX – wikibooks, TeX by Topic, The LaTeX Companion.

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