2010 Jun 13

Who is it for

Users who want to write greek documents of any type, but also need to write a lot of english (or generally, use latin alphabet) and/or maths.


This FreeBSD port allows you to write greek documents in LaTeX, with both greektext and latintext, without having to switch between the two with the usual commands greektext, latintext (or any other): you just write greek or latin text.

The port installs postcript fonts created by Angelos Haritsis (Arial, Times, Courier) and uses hyphenation patterns for greek by Regina Mourtou (the semantics) and Stefanos Maganaris (pattern generatation). The patterns were adapted to the Windows ASCII position by G. Moustakides.


The installation procedure is as for any FreeBSD port/package. In summary:

cd /usr/ports/print/latex-auto-greek \
 && make install clean


pkg_add latex-auto-greek
fmtutil-sys --byfmt latex
fmtutil-sys --byfmt pdflatex

Refer to the apropriate section of FreeBSD Handbook for details.


To use it, include the line:


in the preamble of your .tex (see ag-test.tex) like:

\title{Τίτλος latin}

αβγδέ ΑΒΓΔΈ \it αβγδέ ΑΒΓΔΈ \bf αβγδέ
ΑΒΓΔΈ \sf αβγδέ ΑΒΓΔΈ \tt αβγδέ ΑΒΓΔΈ\\
\uppercase{αβγδέ ΑΒΓΔΈ \it αβγδέ}
αβγδεζηθικλμνξόπρστύφχψώ και